Saturday, 6 February 2016

Why did my partner cheat on me?

The worse thing is when we don’t understand why our partner cheated on us? After all, didn’t we do everything to make them happy. There can be many reasons for the cheating taking place. I will give you some suggestions. Perhaps your partner just wants sex because they are addicted to it. Strange but there are people that have sex addiction and need therapy to help them control it. A bit like alcohol addiction. We do not know what is in the mind of another person, isn’t it?
Then there is the fact that they may be fickle and they want someone more attractive. So what do you do? Lose weight, make yourself more attractive. But is it worth it? Only you can decide. You may or may not ever reach their high standards. You may just be time pass anyway.
Perhaps your best friend has been visiting you more than they probably should and especially when you are not at home. So you would not doubt your best friend, would you? Wrong. Don’t put temptation in temptations way. That’s the rule I live by. I have been stung too many times. Of course you can see your best friend but no need for them to hang with your partner when you are not around especially. Tell your partner when you are not in to tell your best friend or any friend that visits that they would pass on the message that they came or they can just call you and see if you are local.
Are you too clingy? Who likes a clingy partner? Lol. So don’t be clingy then. Give them their freedom. That saying does have some truth in it. If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you its yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.
The obvious answer is that your partner does not love you. Of course falling out of love isn’t always the reason for someone to cheat. But if they want more, then it is not in your hands. It is the power of destiny. You are also destined for something better if they don’t love you since you are wonderful, remember that.
You may find a post I have written enlightening: “How do you know if someone you love is using you?”
So what do you do when you find out your partner is cheating? Let me guess. Go crazy? Wrong answer. Let it go. Remember it is how your partner feels. Your screaming and shouting will not solve the problem though it might make you feel better. Haha. In fact I know it will make you feel better. But to keep quiet is harder. Just go silent. Do not bother with your partner any more. Get on with other things like hobbies or going out more. Just don’t be there when they need you.
Revenge is not worth it and you know they are not worth all that mad angry energy you could exert. Let it be. Start moving on quietly with your life like a snake in the grass. Isn’t that what they were? No that is not revenge. I call it trying to make a better life for yourself without all those bad energies. Don’t you want to be happy and have a peaceful life full of good things. You cannot get that with revenge and madness.
What I suggest is not easy but your partner may come to realise your worth if you do this and if not it means they are not the one for you. Your dream partner may be still to come and it is normal to meet a few bad eggs on the way.
Tell them to leave once you find out they have been cheating if you wish or just let them stay with you. The choices you make do not belong to anyone else. It is not their life. I am a psychic tarot cards reader since 2003 and in my tarot card readings for customers I have come across a lot of things.
My own personal experiences are vast. I would have preferred them not to have been so as it is very painful when your partner cheats on you. It is hard when you are hurting inside. Talking to a good friend or even a psychic helps. That good friend must be trustworthy and that psychic had better be good as there are some fakes out there along with fake friends. Family is good to get advice from but remember when you are hurting inside so are they so is it worth upsetting them? You will get over this bad patch. It is called survival of the fittest.
Tina Sawhney – Psychic Tarot Cards Reader
BSc Hons Psychology, VAI Diploma in Aromatherapy & Reflexology
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