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7 Things Your Loved Ones In Spirit Want To Tell You

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As a psychic medium, I find that many of my clients struggle with attaining a sense of closure about their deceased loved ones. Here are seven of the most common themes. I have encountered in my work, as conveyed by those in Spirit who wish to quell, calm and soothe the concerns and anxieties of family and friends.
1. They are at Peace. I’m not sure why, but this is the number one priority for so many grieving families. Rest assured that your deceased loved ones are okay, hunky-dory, and doing swell. Why wouldn’t they be? You shouldn’t need a psychic to tell you what your faith alone should tell you: that your loved ones have successfully transitioned to the Heavenly realm and are exactly where they should be, reunited with those loving comrades and animals who passed on before them. On occasion, I’ll encounter an earthbound soul, or ghost, but that is a rare exception to the rule, and it is advisable to assume that all is well. (And that includes those who have taken their own lives.)
2. Please forgive them. If your deceased loved one lied, stole, cheated or was abusive, oftentimes their Spirit desires to explain that misconduct—not as an excuse but to grant perspective. It is common for that individual to have had a very challenging upbringing in which they, themselves, may have been victimized. Without proper support or intervention for poverty, child abuse or mental illness, they may have succumbed to addictions and self-loathing, or they may have become perpetrators of abuse themselves. Your forgiveness scores them spiritual points and breaks a cancerous cycle for the healing opportunity it offers you as well.
3. They forgive you. It is not unusual for a surviving family member to struggle with guilt over the passing of a loved one, especially if there was stress and tension in the relationship. Oftentimes, there was a fight or estrangement right before the individual passed. In other instances, surviving family may be second-guessing themselves, agonizing over whether they made the proper decision to remove someone from life support. Please known that in the Heavenly realm, no one harbors revenge, resentment or anger whatsoever. In fact, they have been granted new lenses through which to perceive their lives with 360-degree clarity in an atmosphere of unconditional love. So please, release and relieve yourself from the pressure of the burden and the burden of the pressure—for the sake of your own well-being and peace of mind.
4. They passed as intended. This is a really tough concept for the layperson to embrace, particularly if their loved one passed under sudden or tragic circumstances. Would that we could all transition peacefully in our sleep; but real life dictates otherwise. As part of the privilege of enjoying free will, we’ve all be assigned exit points, highway markers on life’s journey at which place we have the option of dying. Recently, during one of my psychic events, an eight-year-old boy with autism came forward in Spirit to discuss why he had drowned. He said it was either that or being hit by a car (for his impulsive habit of running into traffic without looking), and the water as simply too irresistible. Regardless of how someone passes, it is indeed all part of a preordained master plan; and their greatest desire is to be remembered for how they lived, not how they died.
5. They will not interfere. In my opinion and experience, I have found it to be a misconception that our loved ones in Spirit are around us 24/7 with immediate accessibility. If this were true, it could potentially become an unhealthy obsession for some fragile and grieving families. Instead, I have most often been shown that our loved ones are busy learning in a virtual university environment of sorts. For having been granted the previously mentioned 360-degree enlightened vision, they recognize that it is not for them to intervene or rescue us from our own learning opportunities, except in dire emergency. That’s not to suggest that we shouldn’t avail ourselves of our spiritual protectors in times of need, as we each have Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels assigned to us.
6. You can sell their stuff. Those souls who have successfully transitioned to the Heavenly realm have released their earthly attachments to material possessions. If maintaining or preserving items from someone’s estate is logistically or financially burdensome, please don’t feel pressure or guilt if you decide it all must simply go. Your loved one wants what is in your very best interest and if that means donating, bequeathing or profiting from their possessions, then so be it. You may wish to retain a handful of meaningful heirlooms to pass down in the family but items that range from trivial to great cash value may be disposed of without concern.
7. You’ll hear from them in time. A lot of folks lament that they have not received a “sign” from their dearly departed, whether it’s been six days, six weeks or six years. It seems this will alleviate their worries over whether someone is “at peace.” The truth is, it typically takes a good three to six months for a soul to get reoriented to the Heavenly realm after passing. And, honestly, most people are simply not ready prior to this for still grieving the loss. As such, a grace period of adjustment is necessary for all concerned. It may also be that the loved one in Spirit has been attempting to communicate but his or her surviving family isn’t making the connection. Pay attention to vivid dreams, and tangible signs that may come in the form of aromas or music associated in memory with the loved one, in addition to the unusual appearance of coins, feathers, birds, insects and animals.
These affirmations are intended to comfort and assure those who are grieving a loss. Our loved ones in Spirit appreciate us honoring their memory but very much desire for us to continue living our lives to the fullest.
William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy. Since 2004, Stillman has worked professionally as a psychic medium and spiritual counselor. His Web site is and his Facebook page is William Stillman – Psychic
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